Monday, October 18, 2010

from the peanut gallery

Thoughts from Forest at age 7 weeks:

I am just so cute!  Sometimes I am very happy to sit and let mommy take a bunch of pictures of me.  She thinks I have funny frog legs, and a big round tummy, and no booty.   Apparently all these things make me endearing to her.  I like to smile at her when I am really happy.  Not just when I have a full diaper either, but when I am warm and full and content to be looking at her face.

(Mommy's note -- I think he usually looks like a Saugen, but he TOTALLY looks like a Helseth in this picture above.  Just like my older sister's baby pictures.  No seriously.)

I took a bath with my big brother the other day.  It was pretty fun.  He didn't throw any water on me, although he did try to smear bubbles all up in my face.  Mommy put a stop to that pretty quickly.  We didn't fit too great in the tub with my huge baby bath in there too, but it worked for the 5 or so minutes were were in together.  I liked hanging out with Olaf!

Sometimes I am tired of pictures.  What can I say? -  I am always getting photographed and sometimes enough is enough!

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jjabodeely said...

Wow- this kid looks EXACTLY like Steve to me. Not Steve as a baby, but Steve as a 25 year old with a shaved head.

The family looks beautiful-- Hope to see you guys sometime sooner than later!