Thursday, October 28, 2010

the boys

If I had known how easy it would be to potty train Olaf, I would have done this months ago!  It pretty much took a week for him to figure it out.  (Mostly he just figured out that he doesn't like wet pants - we went straight from diapers to superhero underpants, pullups didn't seem to work all the previous times I tried it)  Of course I am sure there will be accidents for quite a while, but seriously, one diaper a day for overnight is awesome.  No more $40-$50 a month on diapers!!!!  Yay!!!  (I am just switching from buying size 5's to size 1's.)  And there isn't much of anything cuter than a little boy is his superman underpants, and that's the truth.

I pretty much thought I was mom of the year last week because while Olaf was rock-star-ing his potty time, Forest was sleeping through the night.  Yeah, that's right.  WELL HE WAS JUST PLAYING A MEAN TRICK ON ME because he only did it for 3 nights.  Granted, they were a glorious 3 nights, but he definitely hasn't figured out how to sleep through the night.  Because that was over a week ago.  What he has figured out is that I am sucker and hate to hear him cry... especially since he sleeps in our room...  and I will always respond at 2:30 with milk...  so if he doesn't figure it out on his own daddy is going to have to help me in the self restraint category and let him cry it out one of these nights.  But I can wait on that.  At least another 3 weeks till I go back to work anyway.  Then I'm going to want me some sleep!

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gina said...

that is amazing! i always hear about how hard potty training is. good luck with the crying-it-out thing. i'd be a sucker too. ;)