Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday at lunch Olaf had some raisins for dessert.  I turned around at one point and saw Olaf putting raisin near his nose and I said "No raisins in the nose Olaf, do you understand?"  He put his hand and the raisin down and said "There's not a raisin in my nose!"  Hmmmm.  He just kept saying "There's not a raisin in my nose!"  Considering whenever he has a poopy diaper he says "I don't have a poopoo!"  it clued me into the fact that there may in fact already be a raisin in there.

After a closer look I saw there WAS a raisin up there.  Holy heck.  I ran upstairs for some tweezers.  When I got back down the raisin had moved a little farther back up there (basically I could just barely see the tip of the raisin.  I still tried with the tweezers but I didn't even touch it due to the squirmy crying toddler.  So we plugged the other nostril and I told Olaf to blow his nose.

Out shot the snotty raisin, across the kitchen. 
Really hoping he didn't think it was funny enough to try again!


gina said...

lol! what did he say after it came out?

jenn said...

Gina - he said "can I have that?" NICE.

gina said...

too funny!!