Tuesday, November 16, 2010

date with little squeeze

In preparation for transitioning Forest to childcare next week when I return to work, he spent yesterday morning with Julie, who will be caring for him.  I knew he was in good hands, though I admit it was still hard to leave him there.  However it did allow Olaf and I to have a nice morning "date".

First we went for coffee at Plain Hardware - fun!  We got to chat with Karen and Zelda, and Olaf had a delicious hot cocoa while we played cars at the little table.

Next we headed to the Church to swing on the swings.  Olaf got that contagious little giggle going... we were having a blast!

Later in the evening, while Forest was taking a nap, we made chocolate chip cookies together - YUM.  Olaf loved all of it, but mostly he wanted to scoop things up.  And eat the dough of course.  And eat cookies for dinner. I made him wear a dishtowel as an apron.  Not so much that I didn't want him to get messy - I just thought it was really cute!

 This was probably his favorite part -- the scooping.

 Or maybe this was his favorite.  The licking of deliciouness.

Persistence pays off.  I think he got every last morsel of dough off that thing!  Though a lot ended up on his face as well :)


gina said...

how smart of you to work on the transition ahead of time! looks like Olaf had a great day! good luck getting ready for work next week... :/ maybe Julie can send you picture text messages all day? :)

simply sue said...

Oh.....so much fun....he licks the cookie dough off the beater just like his daddy.....I should know! Love you - Sue