Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a terrible photographer...

But I thought I would finally share some Halloween pics of Olaf from last week.  I made his little spider costume in about an hour... so I wasn't too disappointed when he only last 10 minutes at the trunk or treat.  He was much more excited to get to Grammy's house afterward for dinner and to watch Finding Nemo.

 Spider (Olaf) and SpiderMAN (Micah), cousins and best buds

 Christie and I dressed up as moms of very small babies.  I think we pulled it off quite well, what with Forest and Kyler all bundled up in their packs. We had a sweet costume for Forest - one of those binkies that gives you HUGE buck teeth but alas... it was too big for his tiny mouth.  It was SO COLD too that they were much better with pretty much no skin showing.

 Showing off his costume to Grammy.

 Forest enjoyed laying on the floor during dinner in his stylin' REI long underwear.  That kid has nicer winter gear than I do!

This was a few days later at Christie's birthday party - grandpas with the babies.  Mark has Forest and Craig (Christie's pop) has Kyler.  I say it a lot, but I will say it again - yay for cousins growing up so close to each other!


James & Kristin said...

Wow, where did you and Christie get those fake babies to walk around with??? Ha! Love the spider and spiderman looks. Not bad for throwing together a costume, Jenn!

gina said...

cute kids & their costumes! (i like your costume, too.) what are they going to be next year? oh the possibilities!

Kristin said...

Your adorable little spider looks like he was in much better spirits than mine!