Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Forest has discovered his hands and feet.  Half the time he is sitting in his bouncy, he is holding both hands up in front of him while sort of playing with his fingers and just staring at them.  I keep thinking he's saying in his head -- "I'm just not quite sure what to do with my hands...  Should I hold them here?  Like this?  ummm"  ah-la Talledega Nights :)  The other half the time he is MADLY kicking those little feet trying to make the spiders bounce.  Or at least I assume that's what he is doing.  And yes after this video I decided it was probably a good idea to start strapping him into this thing with the seatbelt so he doesn't bounce himself right off the edge!

I can't believe I have to go back to work on Monday.  Wow, it's already here!  How smart am I though, to choose to come back the week of Thanksgiving?  Only a 3 day work week, people!  Pretty sweet!  Followed by a month where taking time off for holidays is a given.  So basically I am coming back at the best time of year with the most days off, the most holiday cookie exchange lunches, the least flack for taking more time off, and (usually) a less busy time of year now that ad season is over and construction hasn't started.  Oh yeah.

Well I have lots more to do.
Better maximize my afternoon while the boys (all 3) are asleep.
Like research this deal I found about Shutterfly giving away free Christmas card prints to bloggers.  What?  Sweet.  I better see if I qualify and how to get my free stuff! 
And maybe organize my office.  Maybe.
Or order pictures for Christmas gift crafting.
Or download some new tunes.
Or get the mail and bring it inside.

Like I said, better go.


gina said...

hmmm, to spend the free time... :) yay for Christmas card season! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
Just popped in to say a quick hello!
I try and check in on you when I get a chance...though that is not too often these days. Looks like you are all doing well. See you soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.