Saturday, November 27, 2010

First snow day play

Nov. 20th was our first day of snow here in Plain.  So we headed out to do what is most fun - sledding!  There wasn't a ton of snow so the sledding mostly meant I pulled everyone around.  And let me tell you - our three Saugen cousins are NOT light!  I think Micah weighs more than his older sister, and Olaf is close behind :)  Luckily with both Christie and I we managed to pull them up the hill.

Olaf looks totally prepared, right?  Nope....  his boots from last year don't fit and I haven't found him any yet for this year so he's wearing skater shoes.  Also those mittens he's wearing -- we already lost one so now he's down to socks on his hands!  I looked for cheapos at WallyWorld yesterday but no love.  No mittens, no snow boots.  Poor kid will just have to wait until I can get out to shop again!

Yum!  We all shared a thermos of hot cocoa when we were all done.


Kristin said...

Awwwwwww, they look like they're having SO much fun!

gina said...

how did the skater shoes hold up? i'm sure the hot cocoa compensated for any cold he felt! he is growing so fast!