Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally, I win!

I have noticed that a lot of bloggers get free items to review from companies all the time.  Sometimes they even give a duplicate of the item away on their blog.   Usually to win one of these giveaways there are requirements - you must follow that person's blog, you must 'Tweet' about it, post it or 'like' it on Facebook...  Too much for me.  I am not going to follow someone's blog just for a shot at winning a prize.  However, if I truly genuinely like to read your blog, then sure, sign me up, and I'll be happy to read and comment away!  (Know that if I follow your blog, it's definitely because I find you interesting, not because I want your swag.)   I will say though, that even of the blogs I know and love, I have entered probably a hundred giveaways and never won.  Even when there were only like 5 entries.  I have pretty much given up hope of ever doing so :)  But I digress.

Now on to the actual topic of this post -- finally FINALLY someone is giving something away to all bloggers, without (many) strings attached.  You don't have to have a million readers, you don't have to post it all over the web, you just have a write a short post and they give you something for free.  So this year we will be getting our Christmas cards from Shutterfly, thank you very much!

I usually ALWAYS make my own cards.  Basically I make a scrapbook page of our year in review, then make color copies, then send em all out.  And y'all, it's expensive.  Color copies are 99cents per side usually.  Which means I usually spend at least $150 and a lot of time on them.  Honestly I don't really mind, actually I really enjoy making our little 'year in review'.  It's our little gift to people over the holidays.  But sometimes it is overwhelming because I usually leave it to the last minute :)  Of course!

But seriously people, Shutterfly just offered me 50 FREE Christmas card prints just for telling them (and you) what my favorite new designs are, and I can't pass it up.  I have never used Shutterfly before, so this will be a new experience. I have heard good things, and hopefully I will have the same good experience that other folks have had.

Here are some of my favorite card designs I have found so far:

Maybe you can see a theme here -- I am drawn to the ones with lots of COLOR, lots of DIFFERENT FONTS, and color pictures over black and white.  I know they are all customizable though, I could always put in my color pictures instead of the example black and whites.  But I guess I am just drawn to these ones with so much color.  And I don't know why I love the different fonts... maybe the scrapbooker in me?

Of course they also have typical photo gifts like this.

I used to make fun of these corny mugs, keychains, etc... and then I became a mom.  And now I get it.  They are awesome little reminders of your family.  Cheesy as they may be!

I am totally buying these gift tags.  Even though they are not free.  I want them.

Well that's enough talk I think.  I am stoked about my Christmas cards!  If you are a blogger (even if you have only 2 readers and it's your mom and your grandma) and you want some nice cards, just follow this link

I think that Shutterfly probably may have made a lifelong customer with this little gift to me. 

Don't worry, I didn't ACTUALLY show you the card we picked to send out; you'll all see that soon enough!  Know that it will have lots of color though :)


gina said...

fun!! i will check out that shutterfly deal - sounds great!

(i have to call my mom to tell her to read my blog.) ;)

Sara D. said...

Hey Jen, Thanks for sharing this. What a great idea. I don't know if you can tell (I still don't have the intricasies of blogger figured out), but I read your blog frequently. You have two beautiful boys and I loved seeing the milk barn transformation. Take care!
Sara Carani Deason

Kerry said...

I love shutterfly. I have a couple photo album/books that I did thru them and they're awesome!!!

and, yay for free!