Monday, November 1, 2010

Forest's nursery

This was Olaf's nursery back when we lived in Cashmere.  SO CUTE.  In fact we decorated his room here in Plain similarly since he was still in the crib when we moved in.

Well the poor second child... no decorated nursery for him, poor thing.

Forest sleeps in our room because I don't want he and Olaf in the same room just yet.  So here is Forest's lovely little nursery, tucked on the wall across from the foot of our bed, between the bathroom on the left, and the hallway on the right.


Just right for a little boy of 8 weeks.


gina said...

Olaf's nursery is/was really cute! Forest's nursery is perfect too. :) I like the blue you picked out.

Kristin said...

I bet he likes it nice and close to mommy! Such a cutie!

ann said...

Don't feel too bad... Baby girl is going to go in our closet with her big brother's hand-me-down linens. Good thing they're fairly gender neutral. :) We actually set up the crib this weekend!