Saturday, March 21, 2009

9 months and counting

9 months.
22 lb 11oz.
29.5 inches tall
19 inch head (off the chart in case you are wondering)

what has this kid been eating?

happy 9 month birthday kiddo.
i am hoping to get you a house with a real room for your birthday.
maybe your 18 month birthday.
we'll see.


Anonymous said...

i love this grandchild of mine....grammy/nanny

Rebecca Ragan said...

Jen! He is so yummy! I love his cheeks! Way to go on the first 9 months! Motherhood suits you well. :) All the best, Becca

Mark said...

Jen he is such a cutie! 9mos already! I can't believe it!
He is "off the charts!" -cass