Tuesday, March 24, 2009

house sitting

I haven't written much this week because we have been HOUSE SITTING! Yay! I have showered multiple times, and cooked a real dinner every night in the real full sized kitchen and it has been just wonderful. If anyone else is going on vacation soon... just let me know! Taking care of the three dogs at this house is no problem since we are used to our two. Although 5 is a lot... so far so good! Olaf loves that it is warm enough inside to crawl around in a onesie and no socks... I love it too. We have already had dinner guests and will be having more tomorrow night.... ahhh, I am so happy. That's what I miss the most about living in a house - we have no room to entertain in the 5th wheel and have folks over to visit and share a meal! So it has been a blessing this week to be able to do that again. However because of that I haven't been taking many pictures because my camera is MIA in all our stuff strewn about this lovely home. But perhaps I can post a video of Oly walking soon. WALKING? you ask? Why yes, he walked about 5 feet today to come see his Mama! (that's like 8 baby steps or so) I guess he's not afraid of falling on this plush carpet :) Now if only he could learn to say Mama or Papa...

I leave you with a shot of our girls having fun in the sun.

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suzi said...

Wow!! Walking? I look forward to the video ;]]