Sunday, March 8, 2009

blogger is annoying me

I am trying to post a bunch of pictures with my most recent ramblings... but I can't get blogger to upload the corresponding pictures! I am annoyed! I have been trying since yesterday morning! I am not quite sure how to solve my problem, usually iPhoto and blogger work seamlessly... could be my verizon wireless internet connection, but I don't know why. So for anyone reading I apologize for this bland post about nothing... someday perhaps I'll get the darn pics to load!


M said...

So, I found, in the little I've used Blogger, that making the pictures smaller really helps with uploads, especially with slow connections. If you haven't used it , its in the Share>Export menu. You have to use a sub folder, but making the pics 256kb from 1.5 mb is a big difference.
When do I get to see you again?

M said...

That's me by the way... Josh