Friday, March 13, 2009

choosing solitude

Some people think that we are a little bit nutty to want to live so far away from, well, everything. There's only one little grocery store/gas stop, and one hardware store here in Plain. My commute is 45 minutes to Wenatchee in summer and up to 1 1/2 hours in winter if it's snowing. No movies, malls, or restaurants, gyms, bars, daycares, and no Target. Just good people, family and friends, our Church, and our own little piece of solitude.

Last weekend we started walking in our back yard and ended up here.
Worth it? I think so.


brooke said...

oh no lady you had me sold and packing my moving van until you said no target! j u s t c a n ' t d o i t!
oh well maybe next time. haha...actually that sounds like bliss AND you have soft green emerald grass in the summers so there's that to be happy about too!

The Rye's said...

Sometimes I wish that I could just go to a quite, peaceful place like that! I would last awhile but then it would be off to a quite, peaceful and WARM beach! :)