Friday, March 6, 2009

The sewing gene skipped me? or was it just hiding...

I have a lot of very talented friends and family.
Oly and I recieved SO many creative gifts from people before he was born - a LOT of sweet handmade blankets and quilts. Here are some of them...

From Cassie Miller... a dino quilt!

From Heather McMaster... a cars and trucks quilt!

From Grandma Cathi... a blue blanky afghan!

From Jenny Sue... a paisley receiving blanket!

From Grammy Sue... a crazy amazing Noah's ark quilt!

They were ALL very inspiring to me - I kept thinking I CAN MAKE THAT TOO. But I don't have sewing machine, and I always tell people that the "sewing/crochet/knitting" gene skipped me in the family, since my mom and sisters are all great seamstresses and I am not. (Though I admit I was always more excited to play outside to learn to sew...).

But recently I have had two good friends who got pregnant with baby girls and I really wanted to do something special for them. So with the help of my mom (and her sewing machine) I made my first quilt for Shannon, which I gave to her in December (sorry no pics of it - I finished it the night before the baby shower). And I JUST completed my second quilt for Leighla! Sent it off in the mail Saturday. I don't think she checks this blog too often, so I am safe posting a picture since she'll get it soon. (Sorry Leighla if I ruin the surprise - but I hope you like it!) Without further ado -- here is my second sewing project ever.

The interesting thing about sewing (and most things in life actually) is that my mind understands how it is supposed to work and understands, but my body has trouble executing the function (a good example is playing pool... I understand angles and the physics... but I really can't hit the cue ball correctly to save my life). I also lose patience easily with things I am not very good at it... So I am hoping that as I continue to sew, I get better at it and can start matching up the squares better :) But regardless, I always enjoy creating something that will hopefully bring joy to someone else, whether a quilt, a meal, a card, or a pot of flowers. So to all those busy moms, wives and friends, here's to finding (making) the time to be creative.

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ann said...

Nice work, Jenn! I totally understand about the brain-execution disconnect... I have the same prob.
PS - Noah's Ark quilt == AMAZING!!!!!