Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh no pull up the cords!

olaf is crawling... aaaahh, time to babyproof! at least the 5th wheel already has very hard to open drawers and cupboards due to it's being mobile and all. but there is enough other stuff that we need to pick up now to still be a pain... ah well :) exciting moments in our little boy's life! Enjoy this video of our chunk-a-monk as he learns to motor around.

That's grandma Cathi talking in the background to Oly in case you are wondering. I am currently borrowing her internet connection to post this since mine is slower that dial up at home right now (hence the no blog posts in a awhile. I have a few written but no pictures will upload!)

1 comment:

ann said...

Wowowowowowowowow! So impressed! Is Oly enjoying his new found freedom? Are you throwing back the tums to ward off the worry heartburn?